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One man’s Waste,  Is another man’s treasure.

TTSIDA is on a path of further development and investment. TTSIDA was the only Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) in the Scrap Iron Industry from the Caribbean, present at the World Recycling Convention held from May 19-22, 2019 in Singapore.

We are major players in earning this country Green credits, our ‘clean up campaigns’ help to protect the environment; our watercourses, green areas, sea beds, flora and fauna, contributing to a positive ecosystem.

With the speed of technological advances; pieces of equipment, machinery, household appliances etc., are being replaced at a rapid pace, this augers well for the recycling industries as we can make positive use of these unwanted items. This is a plus for the ecosystem keeping the air free from carbon dioxide gases and other pollutants which promote global warming. At all times we will strive to gain green credits, mitigate the carbon footprint, and contribute to the continuous development of a recycling-oriented society.

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